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The Advantages of an Open Office

When thinking about employees’ creativity, communication, and responsiveness in an office – what aids in generating those characteristics? The physical surroundings and environment of an office can greatly affect the team’s performance. A closed off work environment minimizes the >>

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UDI Compliance Simplified
Download our cheat sheet >>

Turning Medtech Product Development into a Competitive Advantage
Here are healthy practices which can significantly improve the odds of success for product development >>

Taking Our Drive to the Links
See another side of our passionate team, our drive as a supplier and our community involvement. >>

Continuous Improvement Success – Assembly Flow
“Go with the Flow”, was championed with improving the efficiency and output of the Assembly department >>

A Case Study in UDI Compliance
Here is one example of how MPE’s documented process led to a successful implementation of UDI compliant labeling for a large MedTech OEM. >>

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An Introspective Approach to Improve Business Operations

In 2015, MPE initiated a program to update our operational processes. Changing market demands and customer needs created an opportunity for us to take a critical look at our business and find ways to become better. These efforts to transform our business became known as the “Reset.” >>
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