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Continuous Improvement Success – E-Processing

In MPE’s Strategic Planning Session for 2016, we identified one of our company’s strengths – our willingness to embrace the use of technology to improve our business operations. In keeping with our culture of continuous improvement, the steering committee was able to identify several key areas; including increasing our use and access of electronic data to allow us to become more productive, and not reliant on manual efforts.

A Continuous Improvement (C.I.) team was formed in early 2016 to improve E-Processing. This was accomplished by integrating and upgrading our technology solutions, creating digital documents, computerizing work flow, and capturing data at the source.

 Continuous Improvement Success – E-Processing

Some of the highlighted benefits from this project include:

  • computerizing the shop floor with computer monitors at each workstation
  • tracking product movement without paper
  • capturing data at the source with barcodes
  • interconnecting ERP data for improved shared access to data and real-time information flow
  • creating digital storage and retrieval of documents

As we move forward in our continuous improvement journey, additional projects have been identified from the objective of using technology to improve our business operations. Those ideas include improvements to our MRP system for material purchasing, implementing a Product Data Management (PDM) system to manage and control sensitive documents, and improvements to our Engineering Change Requests/Notices system.

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