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Continuous Improvement Success – Go with the Flow

The Continuous Improvement team, “Go with the Flow”, was championed with improving the efficiency and output of the Assembly department by implementing a single piece flow process. Leveraging the team’s knowledge and experience of our engineering/production capabilities and the challenges that arise within the assembly build, the cross-functional team focused on developing new standardized processes to reach their goal.

Continuous Improvement Success – Go with the Flow

The outcome of this team’s efforts include the following:

  • Setup sheets outlining how to set materials, tools and work flow processes (kitting per workstation)
  • Detailed work instructions for the operators to follow during the build process, including critical quality requirements
  • Tracking of assembly times to allow for line balancing, and line development

These counter-measures yielded the desired single piece flow and a balanced line flow for the initial 20 assemblies we targeted. Measurable productivity gains and increased throughput are the primary advantages of the newly implemented processes in our Assembly department. The development of a flexible workforce, and faster integration/onboarding of new hires into our Assembly teams are additional benefits of our “Go with the Flow” CI Team’s project.

In the true spirit of Continuous Improvement, we are building on that success by increasing the utilization of kitting within the Assembly department and expanding the kitting concept into other production departments.

Continuous improvement (CI): an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. At MPE,
CI is part of our culture. At any one time, more than 65% of our entire workforce is involved with
a Continuous Improvement project. Our CI teams challenge all facets of our operations and look for ways to simply put, get better. It’s a big part of MPE’s commitment to improve customer value and satisfaction, quality, flexibility, speed to market and reduced costs.

We will periodically share some of our success stories and let you know what we’re working on.
Perhaps it will spark some Continuous Improvement ideas for your organization.

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