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Real World Experience: Summer Internship Program 2016

Real World Experience: MPE Summer Internship Program 2016

MPE’s Summer Interns (shown left to right): Ashley, Nick, Paul. Not pictured: Drew.

Over the summer, MPE’s interns worked diligently on various projects throughout our departments to contribute to the overall success of our company. The program gives students the opportunity to utilize and apply their skills to real world tasks and projects, while closely working alongside their mentors and the MPE team.

Here is an introduction to our interns and a recap of what has been accomplished during our Summer Internship Program:


Nick attends the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying Mechanical Engineering. His internship began last summer when he joined MPE as a Process Engineering Intern. This summer, Nick collaborated with his mentor, MPE’s Process Engineering and Facilities Manager, to contribute to the continuous improvement of the assembly area.

Nick has worked on a number of improvements throughout the summer, mainly focused within the Assembly Department, including spearheading the creation of shadow boards for the area. These shadow boards store and inventory all necessary tools required for a particular job. Use of the shadow boards resulted in increasing the efficiency of job set-up and improving overall productivity. Nick designed and built the shadow boards utilizing MPE’s manufacturing capabilities and engaging outside resources as needed. At the request of assembly area employees, Nick improved workstation organization by creating a mobile care with shelves and bins for small assembly parts.

Nick also reviewed MPE’s electrical assembly processes looking for opportunities to enhance our personnel safety measures. He researched voltage safety procedures and OSHA audit procedures to identify gaps in our processes. Nick’s findings resulted in upgrades to our safety protocol for Hipot testing, Ground Bond testing and Line Leakage testing. Nothing is more important than the safety of our team members.

Nick will continue his research and assistance to MPE as an intern during the Fall/Winter season while attending school.


Ashley is currently pursuing a major in Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As the Marketing Intern at MPE, Ashley worked on a multitude of projects over the summer to better improve MPE’s e-presence and web traffic.

In one of the first projects Ashley worked on, she was heavily involved in helping create Continuous Improvement (CI) Storyboards which were showcased and presented during MPE’s board meeting. These storyboards visually communicated the CI project goals, counter measures, results, benefits and savings, and some listed future goals or identified future CI projects to continue the progress made. Some examples of MPE’s CI projects include E-Processing, Assembly Flow, Forming, and Product Data Management initiatives. To visually tell the story Ashley was challenged with creating an array of infographics, diagrams, images, and flow charts. The template she created is continuing to be used by the CI teams to communicate their project completions to the organization.

A larger and consistent responsibility for Ashley has been her focus on MPE’s web presence. She’s diligently worked to simplify the sitemap for easier navigation, implemented SEO best practices, updated our pages to better emphasize MPE’s array of capabilities and added details such as images and social media links. Alongside these website updates, Ashley has been tasked with the planning, research and writing of articles to post to our blog, The MPE Degree, and our social sites. With that, Ashley was introduced to and charged with monitoring our website analytics to gain insight on user interest, demographic and behavior.

Ashley is continuing her experience with MPE in as she enters her fourth year at UW-Milwaukee.


Studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Paul joined the MPE team as a Process Engineering Intern during the winter of 2015 and continued his internship with MPE through spring and summer. During the summer season, Paul was focused on bringing improvements to our Welding and Metal Finishing Departments. To make these improvement he ran time studies as well as standardized and implemented an efficient format for welding’s Work Instructions (WI). Using the data he gathered from his time studies, he then, formulated and introduced an automated, self-populating quoting worksheet which allows us to view more accurate data.

In continuation of the improvements made to the Welding Department, Paul restructured the inventory and storage of our welding fixtures. All weld fixtures are now documented by their location, visually displayed on shelves or peg boards, and inventoried while outdated fixtures were repurposed. The solution has greatly transformed the visibility of our inventory and our efficiency in set-up times. The implementation and itemization allows us to track the quantity and location of each fixture in our ERP system.  Each fixture’s location and quantity is now tracked in our ERP system.

Additionally, Paul assisted in many projects throughout the company including the transformation of MPE’s traditional office layout to an open office concept. The new floor plan facilitates a more collaborative work environment and results in better responsiveness to customers’ inquiries.

Paul has extended his internship with MPE through the Fall/Winter Season while continuing his studies.


As a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in Civil Engineering, Drew joined the Quality Department team at MPE for a summer internship.

Drew helped improve the Quality department’s organization and efficiency through the advanced preparation of electronic documentation for first article inspections. This included ballooning product drawings for measurement and generating Excel spreadsheets using Inspection Expert software. He also developed receiving inspection plans for new, outsourced product components based on customer requirements.

Drew learned how to use various measurement equipment required to ensure fabricated and purchased parts meet product specifications. The equipment included a Microvu, CMM, Romer Arm and various hand gages such as calipers, gage pins, and micrometers. With this new knowledge and understanding of specifications, he filled in any spare time assisting the Lab Technicians with metrology projects.

MPE’s Internship Program

MPE offers paid internships throughout the year in multiple departments, including Quality, Engineering (Process and Design), and Marketing. Internships allow us the opportunity to support our community and universities while engaging students with an in-depth and hands-on learning experience. MPE interns are able to strengthen their communication skills, knowledge, technical skills and teamwork through real-world experiences.

We currently have an opening for an intern during the Fall/Winter semester. If you have an interest in joining our solution driven team and participating in our internship program, contact our Director of Human Resources, Dawn Kubiak, at 414-355-0310 to [email protected] to learn more.

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