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MPE SPO Meeting – Planning for Success

Each year, MPE “Team of 20” leaders, comprised of our executive management and middle management groups, hold an off-site Strategic Planning Objectives (SPO) Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and chart MPE’s Strategic Growth Plan for the next two years. The SPO Meeting is essential for the MPE team to work on a continuous roadmap for our success.

In preparation for the SPO meeting, the teams conducted a SWOT analysis, of their own departments, and identified their strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. The Team of 20 reviewed these departmental analyses at the SPO Meeting. The team leaders had the ability to reflect on their department’s SWOTs and how those impact the business’s growth.

MPE SPO Meeting - Planning for Success

During the SPO session, the Team of 20 collaborated in open discussions about the analyses and MPE’s overall future vision. The offsite meeting welcomed an environment and opportunity to share open, honest thoughts about the current progress of the business. Furthermore, this was important for the team to be straightforward and authentic in pinpointing what needs to be improved on for future growth.

The leaders introduced the SWOTs they see in their departments while receiving feedback from their peers. Through this cross communication, the team highlighted what SWOTs they thought impacted MPE the most. Narrowing these down, the team established a list of ten company goals that will prioritize MPE’s time and effort for the following year.

Derived from the ten company goals, each department established numerous goals to meet that directly impact the top ten. As a cross-functional team, some of the departments share a top ten goal to work toward. Continuous Improvement (CI) projects are designated in order to help meet these departmental goals and make advancements.

Every quarter, the Team of 20 meets to evaluate the goals and progress they have on moving the business forward. Each department shares their improvements on the specific SPOs and road map to meeting the top ten company goals. This continuous evaluation and analysis drives our direction for success.

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