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One of MPE’s core values to our clients is our ability to bring custom innovative product solutions to market faster, at lower cost and with less hassle. To do this effectively, we recognize that a strong communication system within our company is critical to being responsive to our client’s needs.

Our Project Review Team (“PRT”) was built around the challenge of improving and formalizing our internal communication process. Our open office layout had already begun to break down the silos that traditionally occur within an organization, and replace it with collaboration and improved communication.

Setting up the Project Review Team was the natural progression – the team was responsible for identifying the right teammates to participate on the team to best represent each of the functional areas and participate in daily “huddles”. The huddles are quick meetings designed for information-sharing, assigning of resources and action items, and decision-making. The PRT has a 30-minute standing meeting daily, the Team Leader notifies the team in advance to confirm the meeting based on a client special request, delivery expedite or need that falls outside of our normal processes. No issues/requests- then no meeting.

The operational areas involved our cross-functional PRT are as follows:

  • Customer Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Production Planning
  • Production Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Estimating

Imagine walking into a meeting with a problem and 30 minutes later walking out with the solution… a clear, decisive plan for your client with all the details reviewed, action items assigned, direction decided and the whole organization aware of the solution …this is PRT.

Benefits from implementing and formalizing PRT:

  • Timely customer responsiveness
  • Enhanced teamwork and collaboration
  • A clearly defined course of action among organization

What’s Next

Future goals for the PRT include further ERP enhancements to track metrics and results from our Key Predictive Indicators (KPI’s) and use those metrics to target and drive further improvements within MPE Inc.

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