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The Importance of Human Factors in Product Design – Part 3

In our previous posts, we defined human factors, their role in product design and some of the tools used to develop an ergonomic design. Today, we will weigh the risks and rewards surrounding a user-centered design.  The Importance Of Human Factors In Product Design Part 3


By now you must be wondering how implementing human factors provides benefits and what the negative impacts are when they aren’t considered or applied. Think back to the picture we painted in the first post. The user struggled with the product due to poor human factors design considerations. This experience reflects poorly on the device, the perception of the product, and ultimately the brand’s reputation.

Interested in the effects of applying human factors to design and failure to do so? Compare some of the downfalls and benefits below:

Downfalls of Failure to Recognize + Address Proper Ergonomics

  • Poor or subpar end user feedback
  • Physical stress
  • Workplace injury
  • Lack of product use
  • Lower than projected market trend of new product introduction
  • Negative brand perception
  • Harmful to brand reputation
  • Negative effects on the brand’s future product implementation

Benefits of human factors focused design

  • Ease of user workflow
  • Reduced work injury
  • User satisfaction
  • Brand recognition
  • Positive perception of brand reliability and reputation
  • Elegant design
  • Marketplace positioning
  • Identified as the gold standard: the desired product in market
  • Increased product sales

MPE specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of products with HMI (Human Machine Interface). We understand the importance of ergonomics and usability. The study of human factors is one of the first steps in our design process. We strongly encourage you to incorporate proper ergonomics in your next product design. The rewards are many and the risks of not doing so are too great to ignore.

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