Fundamental to MPE’s success is the experience and  diversity of our Engineering team

We rely on our skilled team of Mechanical Design and Process Engineers to lead projects from Concept to Completion™. Developing in our customer’s native file format, designs are revision controlled, customer owned and maintain regulatory compliance.

Mechanical Design Engineering

Working closely with our industrial designers, our team of mechanical design engineers works to transform your ideas and specifications into a working prototype, and ultimately into a manufacturable product. Our mechanical engineers are a “hands on” group and enjoy working through the challenges of each project. Through extensive prototyping and Proof of Concept (PoC) – to prove the design and mechanics actually work, our design engineers maintain aesthetics and ensure the final design is optimized for all production functions. Long tenured experience make this team one of our most talented assets with the ability and insight to anticipate your needs.

Process Engineering

Our process engineers are engaged with a new product starting with prototyping, but are most heavily involved in the transition from development to manufacturing. Once a new product is ready for production, the process engineering team takes the lead in developing the manufacturing plan for the design. To align our processes for greatest efficiency, we produce:

  • Fixtures for manufacturing such as weld, test and assembly fixtures
  • Job-specific work instructions including detailed explanations to produce or assemble the part
  • Programs and routings for manufacturing – digital work instructions, for automatic technologies and machines

Engage with our team at any point of the development process. Whether it is a concept for a new product or the redesign of an existing platform, our customers see the most value when we are involved early in the design and development process. Leverage our history of product development successes to help produce the right solution for your customers.


Engineering Analysis
Proof of Concept
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Prototype Development
Regulatory Compliance
Quality Management System (QMS)
Manage Regulatory Approval Process