Industrial Designers

MPE’s experienced in-house industrial designers develop user-centered, intuitive, simple designs. These designs add value to your product, enhance the user’s experience and efficiency, and align with your brand language. These help give your product a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Human Factors and user experience have been pillars of MPE’s value since the company’s inception in 1978. It has influenced our user-centered development approach to create meaningful products and positively enhance peoples’ lives. We engage in a wide-array of processes to uncover insight, establish customer needs, and identify opportunities for differentiation:

  • Behavioral psychology, design empathy, and ergonomics
  • Ethnographic research
  • Anthropomorphic data
  • Market research and product analysis

MPE’s approach of working collaboratively with a cross-disciplinary, internal team of mechanical design engineers, a project manager and a supply chain professional throughout the product development process, gives you the advantage of quickly moving from concept to commercialization. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) considerations are established and assessed during the concept phase, ensuring budgets, timing, and costs are within project requirements. Continuous consideration of ergonomics and manufacturing take place throughout the development cycle up to the product launch.

Challenges later in the development process are more costly to a project, negatively impacting the budget and time to market. Get it right the first time! Avoid costly pitfalls and benefit from our experience. Engage with MPE today!