Curt McCann

Curt McCannCurt, our Director of Project Management, joined MPE in early 2007.  Curt is an active, accredited PMP and manages MPE’s project management processes. His team provides the insight and leadership to ensure the successful delivery of our high profile mix of projects.

MPE has a great team and Curt has enjoyed supporting our strategic planning ventures year-after-year as part of our successful growth.  Since MPE has a high mix of products for a dynamic clientele, Curt believes that, “Having the opportunity to work with some of the keenest and most intellectual people is very welcoming and valued during the overall product life cycle journey.”

FUN FACT In Curt’s free time, he enjoys his other passion of dabbling into the world of culinary delights. In addition, Curt always looks forward to spending quality time with his family – whenever life grants those special moments.










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