Dan Margulis

Joining MPE in 2014 as a Mechanical Design Engineer, Dan has designed several high level assemblies – with an emphasis on cost, manufacturability and quality. With the help of CAD software, Dan designs parts for a variety of processes including sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, extruding, casting, and machining.

He is directly involved with Manufacturing during the design/build cycle. Dan builds and tests preproduction prototypes in order to improve his designs. In addition to these responsibilities, Dan has helped in the implementation of the PDM system.

While working for MPE, Dan has appreciated finding innovative and effective solutions to real world problems.

FUN FACT As an avid traveler, Dan has been to over 15 countries. He has traveled to Israel, Switzerland, Spain, England, Holland, Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic, Cost Rica, Mexico, Canada, France, Hungary, and Italy. With so much travel experience, Dan says that his favorite country most likely is Spain.








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